Our Business

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.

At Rudra, we strongly believe in perfection in all the processes we do. We are a young and energetic company focusing of sheer perfection in all the products that we manufacture and all the process that we perform. We provide a wide range of bearing products for customers in India and abroad. We have a top-of-the-line infrastructure and continuously upgrading the same as per the requirements. Our team is very well qualified with thorough knowledge of applications and fitments.


We have set up an advanced machining setup for utmost precision in the products we manufacture and following the most modern manufacturing methods. We have installed advanced CNC machines and CNC grinders for achieving the perfection.

Heat Treatment
Every bearing goes through heat treatment process as required by the design, standards and application. The company uses different type of process for utmost precision and durability.

We are committed to expand the customer base through
  • Fast product development and on time delivery schedules to meet customer demands and flawless supply of finished products.
  • To enable us to manufacture products as per customers requirement and standards.
  • Advanced and latest manufacturing techniques and machinery enabling us to manufacture quality products.
  • Continues association with R&D team to develop new products to serve different industries.

We are of a firm opinion that we are in the business of serving our customers well and ensuring that our customers prolong to stay with us for our quality products and timely delivery schedules. Our qualified engineers and management team and always ready to face the challenges with vigour and enthusiasm to deliver quality products every time.